1975 Ramirez 6-String to 10-String Conversion



10-String Conversion

1975 Ramirez 1a

Here are some AFTER photos of my 1975 Ramirez 1a, after the 10-string conversion process. Click here for High Resolution photos.

This guitar has a new lacquer finish, a tall bridge saddle and low action. It fixes all of the problems inherent to a 1970s Ramirez, while at the same time adding a Ramirez copy 10-string neck. The guitar looks like a new Ramirez 10-string guitar. Only the bridge tie block is not an exact Ramirez copy.

This is now a magnificent instrument, with that same big, warm Ramiez sound, now with exceptional resonance. It is now in 650 mm scale and in Romantic tuning and still has great bass response down to low A. I much prefer the sound of this new lacquer to the Ramirez lacquer. In fact, the voice of the guitar is very similar to when it was a 6-string and had the French Polish, so you can get a very good idea before converting what the 10-string will sound like.

This 10-String Conversion is now SOLD at USA $3,750, including 2nd Day USA Shipping.

* Copy of a 1973 Ramirez 1a 10-string neck and headstock
* ebony fingerboard + reinforcement strip
* New 10-string bridge
* New Lacquer refinish
* Alessi 5-on-a-plate tuners
* Custom Ameritage case and case cover

Two additional Ramirez 1a 10-String Conversions (1972 Brazilian/ EI Rosewood) will be available in at USA $3,750 each, including free USA insured FedEx second day shipping. These come with Bartolex tuners and a used hardshellcase. Click here to see the guitars as they looked as 6-strings: 1 | 2 .

Please EMAIL me if you are interested.

Our conversion does not modify the guitar body other than the replacement bridge and fingerboard, and does not use any of the original neck. Here is a YouTube Video of a different conversion process than ours by the luthier Andre Stern.



































































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