Yahoo Multi-String Group
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Updated: 7/10/2008

The Yahoo Multi-String Group is an online community primarily for 10-string classical guitarists but also includes and welcomes all those who are interested in multi-string guitars regardless of musical style, including beginners. On topic are all issues relating to the playing, learning, performing, tuning, recording, history, construction, and getting music & accessories for multi-string guitars. 7- through 20-string guitarists, lute & theorbo players, harp guitarists, archguitarists, and tertz / alto guitarists are also very welcome and are encouraged to join.

This newsbroup / forum currently has over 200 multi-string guitarists and luthiers from all over the world: Philippines, Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK are all represented. The forum consists of an email group and a Yahoo-hosted website, of which this site is a kind of mirror. Non-members can browse the database of over 6,181 email messages concerning the multi-string guitar, and Group members have access to photos, PDFs, sound files and several other resources. Membership is open to all -- please check it out:


Players are also encouraged to sumbit their MP3s for airing on 10-String Radio:


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