10-String Guitar Recordings
Multi-String Guitar & Lute CDs

Updated: 9/1/2006 -- [Artist link = artist's website; CD link = purchase CD; ***** stars = Amazon Customer Rating]

Ensemble Kapsberger (LUTE): Alfabeto **** 1/2
Paul O'Dette (LUTE): Dolcissima et Amorosa (removed 7/18)
Nigel North (LUTE): Piccinini Intavolatvra Di Livto Et Di Chitarrone
Hopkinson Smith (LUTE): Kapsberger: Primo livro d'intavolatura
Ronn McFarlane (LUTE): Lute Music of John Dowland
Jakob Lindberg (LUTE): Lute Music from Scotland and France
Ronn McFarlane (LUTE): The Highland King
Paul O'Dette (LUTE): Kapsberger: Il Tedesco della Tiorba

Stephan Schmidt (GUITAR): Scarlatti: Sonatas for Guitar
Konrad Junghänel (LUTE): Europäische Lautenmusik Vol. 1 - Frankreich
Robert Barto (LUTE): Weiss: Lute Sonatas Vol. 4
Narciso Yepes (GUITAR)
: Bach - Works for Lute (Disc 1-2)
Robert Barto (LUTE): Weiss: Lute Sonatas Vol. 1-6
Paul Galbraith (GUITAR): Bach: The Six Sonatas and Partitas (Disc 1-2)
Göran Söllscher (GUITAR): Eleven String Baroque
Stephan Schmidt (GUITAR): Bach Lute Works (Disc 1-2)
Hopkinson Smith (LUTE): Charles Mouton: Pièces de luth
Nigel North (LUTE): The Baroque Lute
Hopkinson Smith (LUTE): Denis Gaultier, La Réthorique des Dieux

Raphaella Smits (GUITAR): The Romantic Guitar-Mertz, Giuliani
Patrick O'Brien, Dennis Cinelli (GUITAR): Two Guitars in Vienna

Kristina Kuusisto & Mari Mäntylä (GUITAR): Kirmari
Kasilag Guitar Quartet (GUITAR): Kasilag Guitar Quartet
Matthew Grasso (GUITAR)
: Extended 7-String Guitar
Vincenzo Macaluso (GUITAR): Ten String Spectacular
Anders Miolin (GUITAR): Debussy arranged for guitar
Janet Marlow (GUITAR): Passion & Grace

Recordings: for the 10-string guitar - Compiled by David Starbuck

I recently discovered the Andante.com site for ordering CDs. The interesting thing about this particular site is that it often details the number of courses on the instrument, and even the instrument maker! This makes it a lot easier to hunt down 10-11 course lute material to play on the 10-string.

Here is a listing on what they have for Hopkinson Smith:


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